How to solve Epson T11 red light blinking error

Do you have an Epson T11 printer. But now the printer’s red lights are blinking, and You don’t know how to fix.

How to solve Epson T11 red light blinking error

While using Epson T11 printer, you can encounter several blinking complications. The flashing alert advises reset the waste ink counter.

In fact, the printer’s red light blinks because of some causes, but the major reason of blinking is: Among the Epson T11 Waste ink pad counter is certainly overflow.

What is Epson T11 Waste Ink Counter overflow

The Epson printer counts the level of ink flow to waste ink pad and keeps this total number into printer’s memories.

This total number is called Waste Ink Counter or Protection counter.

How you can know Epson T11 printer Waste ink Counter is overflow?

Full waste ink counter of Epson T11 is 100%. Overflow shows that Epson T11 waste ink counters number are large than 100%.

It truly is easy to check Epson T11 waste ink counters with wic reset software.

To check Epson T11 printer waste ink counter detail, start InkReset utility then click on READ WASTE INK COUNTERS button:

To know waste ink counter information

If one and also three counters are overflow – you can’t using printer – you have to RESET Epson T11 WASTE INK COUNTERS.

Best ways to resolve Epson T11 waste ink counter overflow

Or how do I reset flashing lights error condition on my Epson T11 inkjet printer?

In Epson T11 printer washing cycle, it dispels ink from its nozzles straight down a waste pipe in to an absorbent pad.

Epson has place a counter within their printers (included Epson T11 printer) that counts every page moved through the printer and has set the Epson T11 printer to stopped after a particular number to avoid overflow of the waste ink pad.

Generally, Epson T11 printer’s waste pad is just about 35% to 75% full as soon as the printer begins displaying an error message. Soon after the initial message, you can only just print 19-20 pages before your Epson T11 printer refuses to print anymore.

There exists a workaround which you can use to reset the counter to its working condition. Try these measures to resolve “Epson waste ink pad counter in the printer is overflow” error.

Reset Waste Ink Pad Counter for Epson T11 printer

Get the WIC Reset Utility here (WICReset). Make use of Winzip to extract the downloaded file.

Once extracted and before you begin, make sure your Epson T11 printer’s driver already are installed on the computer.

Double-click exe to run the WICReset Utility. Epson T11 adjustment program screen will appear. Select your printer model (Epson T11) in the left sidebar.

Play video how to resolve Epson T11 printer waste ink counter overflow below:

video how to reset Epson T11 printer red light blinking

Or you may read the instruction on the best way to use wic reset tool to reset Epson T11 red light blinking error here:

How to reset Epson T11 printer red light blinking

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